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more me <3

Category: Blogging

Name(s)? bug or billie both work !! Pronouns? she/they/he Relationship Status? single uwu Orientation(s)? pansexual and genderfluid Zodiac Sign? aquarius im the best Do you wear makeup? yes omg i need new pink eyeshadow tho Favourite aesthetic? grunge and kinderwhore (more style/subculture but yk) What's your favourite season? spring/summer !! Favourite holiday? HALLOWEEN MF Are you from the city ... » Continue Reading

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get 2 know me =]

Category: Art and Photography

1. What’s your whole name?  bug/billie joe hutch 2. Are you named after anyone? billie joe armstrong  3. Do you have any siblings? 4/7 and i hate them 4. Where did you grow up? i moved around a lot when i was little but mainly this place near 2 london and warrington :) 10. What kind of music do you like? classic rock pop punk all kinds of stuff :) 11. What’s one hobby that you’d like to take up? i... » Continue Reading

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my favs :)

Category: Blogging

Color:  blue pink and green Movie:  the   rocky horror picture show 100000% omg TV show:  the young ones animal:  cats and sloths  drink:  pink monster (shut up its nice smh /lh) and lucozade rawr food:  pasta is bae alcoholic drink:  i not old enough 2 drink car:  i cant drive yet but i want a vw like van  day of the week:  thursday coz scouts season:  summer and spring song:  heaven help us by m... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

heyyyyy so im bug/billie (i use both names)  im 13 XP i » Continue Reading

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