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Artitst and butterfly afficionate.

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Category: Writing and Poetry

She walks side to side, her eyes smiling to the nearest man. Moves her legs over the pole with some grandiose strokes. Music blasted in everyone's ears, she was on rithym. ''Watch out boy she'll chew you up'' Was hear from the speakers. Oh if she was gorgeous. Sharp red eyes, two sets of them just like her strong arms. Her umber skin dazzled every man's view. And under that raw gown, hidden was a ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

To all the new people in here, hi! I'm Pepper, I'm an artist and writer of fiction bullshit, a person who likes cats, foxes, ferrets, and taxidermy. I am a fan of everything sweet and cute and shit and death and idk edgy crap. I am not so bad as I look istg. I like science too ig. Butterfly afficionate Chemistry fan Chaos fan Sanrio and Garfield lover  12 year old humor I draw\write fucked up thin... » Continue Reading

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Whelan´s moralities.

Category: Writing and Poetry

-Do you really like god ? Said Mara with a pity look. Whelan didn´t hesitate. he replied with a positive No. -Then why do you keep so devotee ? He looked inside his tea cup, as if inside of it there was an answer. -There is no way I can really tell you why, I just am. Maybe not to him, but to his people. I am devotee for his people. -What do you mean ? sorry if i´m being quite a meddler right know... » Continue Reading

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