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19, she/they/it, AuDHD, living on unceded Gadigal land

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Not here anymore :p

Category: Blogging

This is an edited blogpost because I don't feel like putting my shit in the Recent Posts tab. SpaceHey is only good for two groups: people who were there for the forum era, and people with Nostalgia envy who wanna play HTML dressup. I have nothing against the nostalgia envy html people because that's me, they're my people. The only problem is that they jump ship once they're done with their profil... » Continue Reading

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Book Review: The Girl who Drank the Moon

Category: Books and Stories

Short and spoiler free review: From the blurb I had the impression it was a funny coming of age in a fantasy setting but it's more like a modern day fairy tale with themes of grief, longing, and hope. Furthermore this story has a rich cast including disheveled women, bright women, heroic women, evil women, morally grey women, magic women, tragic women, and most importantly, very old women. There's... » Continue Reading

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Old YouTube Short Films - a curated playlist

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Introduction There's a certain charm with old YouTube short films that's hard to find nowadays. Many of these productions were made possible by small groups who came together with a shared passion. For them it truly was about the journey, not the destination. That's why I love finding these. Here are my reviews on these productions in order of date added to playlist. :: You can check out the playl... » Continue Reading

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Australian Winter [poem]

Category: Writing and Poetry

10/24/2022 Maybe I'd have an easier time moving on if the land we grew up on was laid to rest and buried under snow but all I get is leaves and after all we spilled it's just not enough to cover the streams of blood deep enough for a baptism that run through the crust of my earth all around your neighbourhood which I only see when my bus passes it. When the summer comes I'll be on my hands and kne... » Continue Reading

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My Internet History

Category: Blogging

Haiiii! I thought it'd be fun to chronicle my internet presence through the years, from Roblox to Scratch to Planet Minecraft and the such. 2013 - 9 years old Roblox account : 3UNDER2 Idk how I came up with that username LOL! This was my 2nd Roblox account (don't remember the first, or maybe I just played as a guest). Also I made so many Roblox accounts because I was so shit at keeping passwords. ... » Continue Reading

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Looking back in the mirror [short, nonfiction piece]

Category: Writing and Poetry

Originally written for a class assignment, May 5, 2021 Looking back at the mirror, I practice different expressions, memorising how they feel on my face. Someone told me I was unreadable, another that I look scary. I would like to compose myself, as one composes a speech. There’s a sharp stench coming from the pile of clothes and damp towels my sister has left in our shared bathroom. I think to my... » Continue Reading

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Would anyone want to read my fanfic?

Category: Writing and Poetry

Hi there :D So there's this album by one of my fave artists, Death Valley High by Zombina and the Skeletones. And I wanna write a fanfic based on it (or is it "songfic" if it's inspired by music? idk :p ) ZATS is a horror punk band, some of their songs are based on monsters, some of them based on the horrors (being in love with someone frozen solid, that sorta thing). They formed in 1998, and afte... » Continue Reading

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Tumblr blogs I recommend

Category: Art and Photography

*Deep sigh* Despite not violating TOS, my Tumblr blog was terminated - twice. I'm still waiting to hear back from Tumblr Support on the matter. Thankfully I can still visit the blogs I love most, and I think the world should see them. All pics below are from their respective blogs. lemonlovemeanslove As you can see, Mari is a very talented artist. Although she doesn't post her art often it's alway... » Continue Reading

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