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Critiquing My Favorites!

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

People often get extremely annoyed while watching movies with me, because throughout the movie I will constantly be making theories, questioning why a director or actor made a specific choice, or inspecting the special effects. People often get defensive because they think that this means that I don't enjoy the movie that they are showing me, but it actually means the opposite! If I care enough ab... » Continue Reading

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New Web Old Web

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

On the modern internet your attention is a commodity. Social media is about self-image rather than self-expression. People should be able to have a place on the internet to express themselves without worrying about promoting themselves or turning themselves into a brand. I was not old enough to experience when the old web was at its best, but I truly believe in the cause of taking the web back fro... » Continue Reading

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Scene Is Coming Back Baby!!!

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I got the opportunity to go to the mall today and I stopped by Hot Topic and they had a scene/emo selection like you would not believe!!! Invader Zim, Gloomy Bear, Skelanimals, and Emily the Strange shirts and bags were all available! Plus there were cat ears lol. If you feel like you missed the boat on scene fashion because you were too young to remember 2013- this is your chance, all the classic... » Continue Reading

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