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DNI/ Do Not Interact + OTI/ Okay to Interact lists

Category: SpaceHey

DO NOT  INTERACT: racists/homophobes/etc, transmeds, terfs, pedophiles/maps, DreamSMP/Jschlat/TommyInnit/any of those people fans/supporters, DDLG, sexual age-regressors, those motherfuckers that act like mental illnesses are "aesthetic" , Z00PHILES.  i hope all z00philes and p3d0philes/maps that choose not to get professional help suffer. OKAY TO INTERACT: Non sexual-age regressors. I dont have a... » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

also if ur curious I find all my gifs and blinkies on Tumblr or  GifCities » Continue Reading

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