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what i found out with an ipod touch 4

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

you can (obviously) listen to music watch videos via safari jailbreak it/find out a way how to install cydia add bookmarks to homepage sideload (cydia, appsync, adownloader, and some way of installing ipas required) » Continue Reading

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what happened when i was inactive?

Category: Life

found out how to make a mini server went back to school :( got lots of music from itunes did a ram upgrade got an iphone 5 beefed with lots of people got a pc fixed replaced dead hard drive may-august » Continue Reading

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why i've been inactive

Category: Life

i forgot about spacehey, i am very sorry :( where i'll be more active is on: tiktok (@widos11real, @nova.polar for now untill 8/22/23) youtube (widos11REAL) instagram (@widos11REAL) discord (widos11REAL#4259) please e-mail me as well, my email address is xpuserreal@outlook.jp (yes i use windows xp) (i will also try my best to be more active on here) » Continue Reading

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all social links

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

https://www.instagram.com/widos11real/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_e5rE3h7uwUd4VkwZrRj1g https://www.tiktok.com/@widos11real https://spacehey.com/widos11real https://discord.gg/GEhEHQtYxy » Continue Reading

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today i had a dream

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

it was me showing a promo for my discord server on youtube, which included a weird roblox furry thing. i got insane amounts of hate for it. i even saw furries saying it sucked. later everyone left the server » Continue Reading

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