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15, Brazilian, enby transmasc(he/him)

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Category: Friends

Hiya there! I'd like u to read this lol, it's my DNI and other stuff DNI Dahvie Vanity/BOTDF supporters(It's fine to enjoy someone's music without actually supporting the artist, I'm totally chill with that, just please don't say they are innocent, stan them, give them money and etc) Proshippers...go seek help Cringe culture suporters, you're annoying "Sigma" males. the basic DNI criteria(Homophob... » Continue Reading

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CringeVEMBER 2023 (art dump)

Category: Art and Photography

Heyy! I did some arts for this whole month and been working on it for a while, I'm proud of how this artworks turned out! this was supposed to be cringetober but, I wasn't possible of drawing this in october, so I did it in november! since it's my birthday month :3  I've skipped a LOT of days, more bc I didn't liked much the prompts of the days skipped, but I tried to do all of them, I did ALL of ... » Continue Reading

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I <3 Disko Warp

Category: Music

Disko Warp is my favorite artist ever! his music comforts me and makes me feel happy, when I listen to him, I feel serotonin, and also his music made me start to feel passionate about vampires :3 his music literally "saved" me when I was down, and even made me realize that I had a horrible abusive relationship(ofc my friends also helped me to realize, but I ain't going too deep on that, since this... » Continue Reading

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