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Sites with gifs, blinkies, stamps and etc. that can help you decorate your profile

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Gifcities - DA Stamps - Tumblr -   (tags i recomend scrolling trough Tumblr for stuff - geocities, neocities, web graphics, old web, webcore, glitter graphics...) Neocities -  - once again search using tags. These are websites i use to find graphi... » Continue Reading

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dug up my psp

Category: Blogging

i had to dig up my psp from literal mold and thankfully the charger and the psp still work even though i let them literally rot  she is pink and is serving cunt so im not letting her die i remember having wifi problems soooo i have to finally look into it  » Continue Reading

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Silent Hill 4: The Room - Opinions

Category: Games

(I DIDNT FINISH PLAYING THE GAME AND THESE ARE JUST MY OPININONS) i have only played a small amount of the game, like i stopped at the subway section where you help that girl out of the train. (tbh i rage quitted) the gameplay inside the apartment was good, i liked it personally. it was a interesting mechanic. then the outside(?) section is where i started not enjoying the game. The game controls ... » Continue Reading

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Style Savvy Photo Dump

Category: Games

Screenshots from style savvy fashion forward emulated on a laptop with citra » Continue Reading

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