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>> music school

Category: Music

here is some info to know if ur starting music school ;0 -from a person that goes to music school for years!!  music school is basically second school unless you dont have it everyday and it has 3+ classes! its not scary n stuff and ppl r very nice and you can make much friends (belive me i have social anxiety and have no friends in school but have A LOT in music school)! also its very chill and o... » Continue Reading

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>> math ;((

Category: School, College, University

i was just in math class to do a test bc in need an A from math ; < our normal going to school is finnished we just come to school if we want a bigger grade from a subject and if we need another grade exampel: i want a bigger grade from math and i came today only 3th class and i wil come on wednesday on 3th class also also i have like a "test" from piano today.. wish me luck ;D » Continue Reading

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>> do you do sports?

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

i do kendo! its a japanese traditional “sport” ! im very curious if you guys do any sports and if so, which r they? ;p » Continue Reading

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>> introduction

Category: Blogging

(sorry for bad English) > i love mcr, system of a down, rammstein, misfits, nirvana > my pronounses r he/they/it > my style is emo/scene (still not decided ;p) > i like twillight and the truman show > my hobbies r drawing, editing, piano  > i like reading and editing > i’m serbian ;o i will update ;3 » Continue Reading

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>> homophobics and racists

Category: Life

I don’t understand homophobics and racists. like why don’t support/respect human beings? they r nothing different than I. their skin color and attractions have nothing to do with their personality and that doesn’t change the fact they r humans. i only uneerstabd people who can’t Support Lgbtq+ beacuse of their religion (exp. muslim) but being radost IS just si stupid. » Continue Reading

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>> your style?

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

i wanna do a test to see which style IS “dominant” IN apcehey. tell me your style IN comments and i will after some time make a list. im ver curious braću se there are lot OF people here ;3 » Continue Reading

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>> made a group ;3

Category: Friends

join my hangout group ;D » Continue Reading

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>> why do people hate transgenders or/and xenogenders?

Category: Life

i see a lot of people hating/ saying they aren't w=valid transgenders and/or xenogenders. i mostly dont understand when when they r part of LGBTQ+ community and hate on people in the same community as them. and straight people who support lgbtq r not understandable too. like you support lgbtq+ but you at the same time dont? like why they didnt do anything bad to you. and not EVERYONE is the same. » Continue Reading

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