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DNI List

Category: Friends

Wow, took a while for this to happen but yeah, my Do Not Interact list. Might be controversial with some of these but that's because i don't have Twitter nor TikTok brainrot. Let's get into it!   » Continue Reading

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Instant Messaging me in the future

Category: Friends

To anyone reading this, if you want to talk with me, I recommend using blogs and bulletins. This is because Instant Messages doesn't work for me. Despite me having wifi on, it stills says that my status is offline. I tried turning my wifi on and off and that didn't work. It'll be tedious to do this over and over until it says online. So yeah that's it. That process sucks » Continue Reading

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Recreating Old Tweets

Category: Blogging

I had this amazing idea just now of seeing old tweets from wint and other people that tweeted WAY different than what they tweet now and recreating them in modern day. Going to do them on bulletins and will probably do archive blogs to see what you missed. I want everyone to join in on the fun. I will put this symbol 🔵 on my bulletin headers to indicate it's my recreation of old tweets. Would be a... » Continue Reading

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First Blog

Category: Life

Hello! This is my first blog. I feel bored rn so if you see this, feel free to comment. I will check back later on this so if i don't reply in a while it means i logged off for a bit or i am sleeping. That being said, that is all! See you in the comments! » Continue Reading

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