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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

hello good evening !! this is just gonna end up as like, my weekly thought dump so u can ignore this if u want, i just like getting things out. ngl feel like i should start making like animatics or little shorts since i can't properly animate. itd b a good start yk ??? because like !! god freaking damnit i have so many ideas ! sitting in my room thinking up blues bros animatics in my head to my pl... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

AAAAAA WE GOT THE VCR HEAD CLEANER TODAY ! the packaging is super 80s, all colourful with cool text. it took a while to put it in yk, youngr siblings were annoying us the entire time - i don't like em, they're loud and annoying and destroy everything in their paths. BUT ! ANYWAY ! we found tapes in the shed so tonight we're gonna watch clue >:] gonna be silly as !! okay okay also - first blog post... » Continue Reading

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