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pls interact

Category: Blogging

i made a dni, so ig it would be fair 2 make a pls interact! (idk what else 2 call it srry)  PLS INTERACT  - creepypasta fans  - homestuck fans  - gyaru ppl  - have the same music taste as me  - anime likers (specifically bnha n horror anime fans)  - horror game fans (sally face, corpse party, fran bow, the list goes on)  - single ppl/hj - cooking companions fans   - any ppl from my sources (u can ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I wasnt planning on making a dni (do not interact) bc i wanna be friends with all types of people, but some people i just cant stand. If ur on my dni then respectfully leave.  - exclus or anti any harmless labels (lgbtq discourse wise. N yes, this includes "controversial" labels)   - Proship/anti-anti (or neutral) - anti irl/fictive (or you just fakeclaim ppl bc you id as the same person) - racist... » Continue Reading

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more abt me!

Category: Life

I wanted 2 but more facts abt me without making my profile hard 2 read and tacky, so im making a blog entry!! These will be just random facts abt me!! - i use multiple names. Malice, Venus, December, and eros r my main names! (i like it when you use them interchangeably)  - I have depression, rsd, autism, bpd, npd, ppd, and avpd - im white + indigenous  - i need tone tags lol - im omni, demiboy, g... » Continue Reading

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My kins

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

i actually have 2 many kins, but i'll just name my top ones!! u can judge me off my kins as well!  (if i kin any problematic or horrible people, its bc i relate to their personality, not bc im edgy or support the actions of what they did) - Susie salmon (the lovely bones)    - Peter Parker (spiderman) - hiyoko saionji (danganronpa) - Regan ridley (inside job) - Sunny (omori) - Catra (shera) - Stoc... » Continue Reading

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what i look like <3

Category: Blogging

i love myself (sometimes) so im gonna post pics of myself » Continue Reading

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my socials!!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

These r all my socials since it wont let me link most of them 4 some reason  insta and tumblr:  sillyjesterr twitter: lazyhoe8 (i made that acc in 2020 and it wont let me change the user LMAO) pintrest: zombicomrade discord: sillyjesterr #5523 » Continue Reading

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