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Hacking as Asymmetric Warfare

Category: News and Politics

The corporations/governments have to spend a ton of resources making sure there is not a single hole in their security. The hacker only has to find one to cost them millions. Think about it. It is a very valuable skill to learn and have, in fact it might end up being the single most important skill in recent history. » Continue Reading

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People Are Sleeping On Sleep

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

You can get to some really strange mental places just by manipulating sleep, or at least I can. Try this experiment: Pick out a musical album that's an hour to an hour and a half long, that you've listened to many times and know inside and out. Wait until you're a little tired. Refrain from the influence of substances. Go into bed and under the covers (important), turn out the lights, and do nothi... » Continue Reading

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Immunization to Advertising

Category: Life

Many think that if you don't pay attention to an advertisement or commercial, you will not fall for any of their tricks. This is incorrect. The people making these know that most people aren't going to be giving their ads their full attention, so they design them to slip past your conscious mind in order to plant a seed in your subconscious that will eventually germinate into your conscious mind, ... » Continue Reading

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Category: School, College, University

Man I got a bunch of overdue Summer assignments and other homework due on Wednesday I can't with this anymore how does anyone even do this Some people get all straight A's and are a member of multiple clubs, those people are called psychopaths » Continue Reading

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Everybody Thinks They're The Good Guy

Category: News and Politics

This is something that is important to remember and can really help you in debating people with other viewpoints. It is very simple, but far too often forgotten. The truth is, everybody thinks they're the good guy. Nobody who says or does things that you perceive to be evil woke up one day and decided to just be as evil as possible. A good example of this is the abortion question. Pro-choicers usu... » Continue Reading

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Stop Hailing Satan

Category: Religion and Philosophy

If you need someone edgy to worship worship Lucifer. Satan is literally evil he isn't a quirky gay guy or something he will literally put you through the worst bad trip of your life times one million and every time you hail Satan a baby gets eaten. At least Lucifer is more chaotic than evil. Being edgy is not something you want to go to Hell over trust me Comments Disabled because I was tired of n... » Continue Reading

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Oingo Boingo Solved Music

Category: Music

Since the first caveman started banging sticks on rocks, music has led up to the perfect form that is Oingo Boingo. Every piece of music made after the disbandment of Oingo Boingo is an extraneous and pointless endeavor. All of their lyrics are perfectly crafted, they are almost as if they were written for me specifically, and you can find a new instrumental track in their songs on every listen. D... » Continue Reading

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I refuse to go to college

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I refuse to go to college I am not paying thousands of dollars for four more years of school just to prove to a bunch of bureaucrats that I've had my spirit broken enough to work for them for a few decades I don't know what my plans after high school are but it's not college Everyone who wants me to go to college is just mad they paid a ton of money for a life sentence of working and it's like whe... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

My family drove to Knoebel's the amusement park today :) I don't have any pictures but the rides I rode were -Log Flume -Phoenix -Twister -Impulse They were fun I like Impulse the most I was most afraid of Impulse but I'm glad I rode it. » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

I made these shirts :) I 100% believe everything I create shirts about by the way » Continue Reading

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