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im 14, and very single

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bf application <33

Category: Romance and Relationships

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdRPeGS5elMMQIQF3EP7AXuQGAlmEyjqQhXVDWX3rChL0eYOw/viewform?usp=sf_link » Continue Reading

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face reveal :)

Category: Blogging

https://ibb.co/0jgQqGm https://ibb.co/LZJ566P https://ibb.co/CtDxCKK my friend ely made these links so blame him if they don't work » Continue Reading

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dni list !!

Category: Life

i didn't feel the need to make this at first, but i think it's neccesary.  dni if you are:  18+ or -12  xenogender and/or neopronoun anti  a cishet white man /hj  a fujoshi or fundashi  you call yourself "blunt" but you're really just being an asshole  people that fetishize other people or sexualize anything  genshin and like 80% of MHA fans  other than basic dni (no homophobes, racists) that's al... » Continue Reading

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lil survey thing

Category: Life

Do you sleep with or without clothes on?   with Do you prefer black or blue pens?   black Do you dress up on Halloween?   always  Do you like to travel?   depends on where and how and how long  Do you like someone?   idrk  Do they know?   no......?  Who sleeps with you every night?   no one lol  Do you think you're attractive? not particularly  Do you want to get married?   yeah one day  To:  idea... » Continue Reading

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songs that I can't stop listening to rn

Category: Music

anything you want- jawny  sudno- molchat doma  her- tyler, the creator  new magic wand- tyler, the creator all in the family- korn  freaking out the neighborhood- mac demarco  panama- sports  where'd all the time go?- dr. dog  my jinji- sunset rollercoaster  first love/late spring- mitski  my girl, the finest- eyedress  romantic lover- eyedress  jealous- eyedress in my room- insane clown posse  2s... » Continue Reading

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my type <3

Category: Romance and Relationships

 looks:  -fluffy hair, dyed or natural  -brown, blue, grey or green eyes (really like blue and brown tho)  -piercings of any kind  -goth, emo, alt, punk, sk8er, or just any cool style  -my height or taller, but shorter is totally ok (i'm 5'6)  -longish hair -cute smile  -any common insecurities/ "flaws" (acne scars, crooked teeth, etc.)  -body type or race doesn't matter at all to me  personality ... » Continue Reading

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