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The Birthday Party. 5.7.22

Category: Writing and Poetry

  The Birthday Party, May. 7. 2022 All I ever wanted was you Throwing a party the 14th night of June Wishing for me  Like I loved for you  That was never possible  You told me it was purely psychological  Wishing for you  As if you loved me Darling it was purely psychological The party never started I can’t wait for it to end.  Mourning the loss of my mother, my friend You left me here, a gift in ... » Continue Reading

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Another Poem 5.6.22

Category: Writing and Poetry

TW: Suicide I feel as though something is missing from this poem, but it probably will always be missing something. As it is ever changing in my mind. Stitching, May. 6. 2022  I met a person called nameless Their stitching had come undone  Crying from their wrist Though their life had just begun  Though the sun had never rose They found their way through the dark  The Sharpness of pain so lovely T... » Continue Reading

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A Poem: On Panic

Category: Writing and Poetry

Softly, April 25, 2022 Watch As my fingers turn cold Feel  As my mind goes numb  Have my thoughts only begun? Have I come undone? Touch  As my chest collapses Hear As my breath becomes rapid That feeling in my throat. But have I really choked? Am I really even here?  As Far from death As Far from feeling  Softly Suffocating  My minds Deteriorating  » Continue Reading

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Two new little poems

Category: Writing and Poetry

April. 22. 2022, Tiffany I used to watch you lay  I used to wonder why  You felt no love Now I lay, watching myself Stopping myself from asking why You gave me no love Somewhere between then and now You made me you.  You gave your pain away  To a little boy Who couldn't ask why.  April. 23. 2022, This World Buzzing Brain and fuzzy hands   Drowning Eyes  Feeling your insides  Plastered walls Bearab... » Continue Reading

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Another Sad Little Poem

Category: Writing and Poetry

Trigger Warning: Implied Self Harm, Eating Disorders Numbers. Numbers. Numbers.  They hold me so. In the control I think I know.  Thoughts. Thoughts. Thoughts. They tell me so. "Do you know, what you think you know?" Control me, please I plead.  Leave me here, to bleed.  Let me go, oh let me go.  Out of the control, I thought I knew. Let me be. Let me be.  Numbers, please, don't let me bleed.   Le... » Continue Reading

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A quick poem, about that one guy.

Category: Writing and Poetry

Press End on the 5th ring because I knew you'd never pick up As I banged down your door and tore down your walls because you knew I'd try my hardest Walk away from the fight because I knew you never could Crying, you said "Ty, I hate you" because you knew I'd do anything for you. You never loved me, you wanted someone to love you. - Tyler James  Did you ever know you were my muse. » Continue Reading

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That song I wrote, that 3 people wanted to see

Category: Music

It's a work in progress (AKA not finished) but I like it so far.  Be nice, but feel free to comment any suggestions or comments. !!Don't Steal/Repost!! Erasable, by Tyler James I don't get people  Let’s go run  Feel the wind against my face  Before i come undone Take my hand on this chase  Let me teach you all the ways I love to erase  The fact that I'm human  The fact I cant cry  Cant, you tell I... » Continue Reading

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About Me:

Category: Quiz/Survey

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF name:: Tyler  nickname:: Ty pronouns:: He/Him They/Them how old are you:: 15 (almost 16) zodiac sign:: Gemini current location:: East Coast USA eye color:: Grey hair color:: Brown Hair Type:: Straight/Short height:: 5'7 your heritage:: Italian/French/Polish what's your middle name:: James shoe's you wore today:: Vans your weakness::  You never really know until it's right in... » Continue Reading

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