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Age unknown, grown in a lab in Camp Lejune.

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What the hell's with all the bots?

Category: SpaceHey

Anyone noticing a bunch of blog posts about stuff no one could give an absolute shit about?—shit like "why schools need management software" and "how to use roundcube" from random accounts? It's just kinda weird, idk. Like ooh you're gonna get so much reach spamming the blogs on websites that mostly consist of teenagers and young adults. » Continue Reading

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A review of Korg's Opsix

Category: Music

Holy shit! A new hardware FM synthesizer!—and it doesn’t try to copy the DX7! The world’s prayers have been answered. The Opsix is one of Korg’s latest digital synthesizers. I’m not sure if there’s a specific product line they fall under, but I would call them “revisions” of old digital synthesis technologies that were inaccessible to most people—the Wavestate, for example, is a more accessible, m... » Continue Reading

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