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It's been a while

Category: Blogging

How are you all? What's going on in your lives? My partner in crime had to have a surgery done and he couldn't drive afterwards so I have been home for the last few days. We are going back to work tomorrow if all goes as planned. » Continue Reading

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Snow again

Category: Travel and Places

Looks like we get to drive in the snow yet again today. Might try to stream some more if I have a decent signal.  » Continue Reading

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I can't help but notice...

Category: Blogging

Most of the friend requests I have gotten are from bands or people associated with them. Not that this is an issue, just something that I noticed and hopefully it will not become a problem in the future. I would love to have people to interact with! » Continue Reading

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Just a concern...

Category: Music

Hopefully SpaceHey will not become overrun with mainstream music artists like MySpace was... » Continue Reading

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Well, this is lovely!

Category: Blogging

I have been missing the old MySpace lately and finding out about this is just amazing! My only complaint so far is that I have to enlarge the page because I am using a much higher screen resolution than back in middle and high school. XD   » Continue Reading

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