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☆BYI + DNI + Int + Intro!!☆

Category: Friends

BYI❗ -  I like making stupid immature jokes, kys jokes,  pls tell me if you're uncomfy with them!!!!! Also, I don't usually interact with ppl I don't really know and if I do I'm kinda dry ig? So sorry abt thzt!!!! DNI ❌ - basic dni (homophobes, transphobes, racists, etc), ppl who support dsmp  (unless u aren't weird and stuff), seriously mean people, those toxic shipper ppl ("oh u don't ship ___? ... » Continue Reading

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☆Show recommendation !!!!!!☆

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Hello, it is I,  the amazing shoe here to tell u about a magical show that gives therapy and comfort to many people (me I'm many people ) The show should be obvious if you looked at my account but if not it is called "Craig of the creek" or cotc for short. Cotc is about a kid named Craig (who could've guessed) and his 3 best friends(Kelsey, JP and Mortimer tuh bird) going on many adventures togeth... » Continue Reading

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