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"Tentatively ending my break, but still pretty busy. -_-"

He/him, 23 y.o., white

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Timezone Survey

Category: Quiz/Survey

Stolen from... Minmo ! ^_^ time right now (and time zone):  12:37 PM, NST (Nunya Standard Time) favorite colour:  Ugh, too many. Been gravitating towards ugly "olive" greens, though. :P myers briggs type:  Don't know, don't care. :P number of posters on your wall:  One, or two if a tapestry counts. favourite book and/or book series:  Uh, I liked the Warriors series when I was younger? XD I really ... » Continue Reading

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MLP:FIM Character Quiz

Category: Quiz/Survey

Twilight Sparkle: [ ] You have a huge collection of books. [/] You value your alone time. [x] You have trouble making friends. [ ] You are very intelligent. [/] You write letters regularly. [ ] You find a lesson in everything. [ ] You have trouble doing things "the old-fashioned way." [ ] You've recently moved to a new town. [ ] You're rather sarcastic. [/] You're often accused of being a know-it-... » Continue Reading

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