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Thoughts and Prayers

Category: News and Politics

I'm sure many of you have heard by now about the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas earlier this week. Uvalde is only an hour away from my own hometown, I've watched our football team play theirs during the fall. To say this is truly a local tragedy is an understatement. It's being felt all through the state of Texas, across the nation. By everyone except our politicians. They've released statements... » Continue Reading

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Dear God, please don't let me die in my hometown.

Category: Automotive

My small town in South Texas has been home for as long as I can remember, making it one of the few consistent things in my life. I wouldn’t feel comfortable stating its population, though, as it always seems to change. People come and go, some faster than others. Almost as if they’re afraid of collecting the same dust that covers everything behind the public library. The town's younger population ... » Continue Reading

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NYE crisis

Category: Writing and Poetry

I will graduate soon and i won't be alone but i will have to pay for my own medication. Growing up is cool until you realize it means Remembering to buy yourself shampoo, burying the people you love, how you actually have to watch the news or you won't know what the other grown ups know.  Should you start reading the bible,  should you stop reading the bible? Should you write your own? Who cares? » Continue Reading

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