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Baby Steps

Category: Romance and Relationships

The following has nothing to do with my relationship. My relationship is perfectly healthy as far as I can tell. No, this has to do with my friend's relationship. Names have been changed. Melanie, my friend of about 3.5 years, is 22 years old and has been in a turbulent, on-and-off relationship with Richard, 25, for 7 years. Both have cheated on each other and have obvious trust issues. Both have ... » Continue Reading

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Getting a flip phone soon [UPDATE: it sucked]

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I don't know, maybe I'm going through a midlife crisis (let's face it, the world will probably look like Mars anyway by the time I'm 60). But I've about had enough of my smartphone. I miss my old flip phone. I was looking to try to find an old refurbished Razr, but I've heard they don't last very long because it's been so long. I just want a nice little flip phone, though it would be pretty cool i... » Continue Reading

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The Golden Age of the Internet is dawning once more

Category: Blogging

I can't believe it. I've been bitching and moaning and whining, just ask my bf. I kept saying how it's just not fair that we can't have sites like myspace or myyearbook anymore. I kept saying it over and over again, that all the major social media conglomerates (gods, I hate how that sounds) stole our creative energy off the web and gave us a sterile corporate padded room, safe from unprofessional... » Continue Reading

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