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"taking over another universe, be back soon!"

1800-years-old, Black, and from the land above!!

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about me〔´∇`〕

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Name  [REDACTED] Age  18 00 Ethnicity  Black Nationality  (African) American Gender  Agender? Genderfluid? A bit unsure... Pronouns  anything'll do but I really love how they/them sounds for myself! I also adore neopronouns like sun/suns and vamp/vamps ! My Vibe aka who I look/feel like irl I am practically a tired old man. but without the bitterness! » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

Forgot to make this  earlier, better late than never~ DO NOT INTERACT IF YOU ARE... Racist  Colorist Ableist Pedophile/actively support those who display pedophilic  behaviour Transphobic Homophobic Exclude Asexuals from the LGBTQ+ community Anti-neopronouns Believe "blackwashing" is a real term and has the same impact as whitewashing. Cherry tomato hater /j if you are any of these things, I sugge... » Continue Reading

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