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intro / about me โ™ก !!

Category: Blogging

kpop stan list โ™ก ult groups : stray kids, G(IDLE) and aespa  ult bias : lee know !! » Continue Reading

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silly about me survey !!

Category: Blogging

๐Ÿ’— ABOUT ME… name: sumaiyah nickname: sumi » Continue Reading

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Zzz . . .

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

i’ve been so tired lately, it’s not even the normal typa “ugh, im so tired, i wanna go home” and then ur not actually that tired throughout the day. its the “im genuinely about to fall asleep everytime i sit down and my eyes wanna shut all the time” type tired. idk what’s wrong with me, im literally so exhausted, all i wanna do is lay in bed for a long time and not get up. i do sleep fine on some ... » Continue Reading

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i’m so upset right now.

Category: Blogging

I JUST FUCKING SNAPPED THE CHAin OF A NECKLACE MY MUM GIFTED ME FOR THE SECOND [2] โœŒ๐Ÿพ TIME! IM SO ANGRY! IM GONNA SCREAM! HSUHSHUSUDAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH its ok tho i have an insurance on it so i can get a new chain for free :3  still mad tho  i love it sm it’s from my mama now it’s broken i have to wait still Saturday to go to the shops.  this ruined my mood lowkey i was even getting ready to read f... » Continue Reading

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about studying… i think some of y’all need to hear this.

Category: School, College, University

some studying tips from me ! okay like i see a lot of people studying in ways that i personally think is SO ineffective like for example, opening up a ppt and litro js copying the notes down again. ur wasting time!  and yes, i’m aware that every1 has their own ways of studying that suit them best based on their approach to learning, but keep in mind that not all of these techniques are efficient .... » Continue Reading

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summer leaves a bitter aftertaste.

Category: Writing and Poetry

okay hear me out, i love summer so so much. it’s my absolute favourite time of the year and my birthday is in summer too! but there’s one thing about summer that always manages to make me feel like the world is crashing down, which is the fact that for me, every summer that passes just marks another year that flew by so fast.  like, a few months ago it was summer of 2023 i was on holiday with my f... » Continue Reading

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it is js me

Category: Life

is it just me but sometimes i’m so tempted to go off on some of my friends like!!!!!????? am i mean for this or not  1 example is that one of my friends was like to me ‘istg i think ur gay ๐Ÿ™„’ like okay yes i am (i’m not out obv) but it’s js like why is it such a big deal even if i am? i wanted to scream tbh but i didn’t ๐Ÿ˜›  another thing is that my schools basically doing a culture day and most of ... » Continue Reading

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i was so hungry wtaf

Category: Food and Restaurants

i js remembered, today in chemistry the teacher gave us an open question and i meant to say ethene is a hydrocarbon… girlie said carbohydrate so fkn loud n proud ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ i WAS SCREAMING BAHAHAHAHAH  also THIS is such a RANDOM AHH UPDATE BUT OKAY :3 » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i’m about to yip sm but here we go  first of all, i hate school but tbh the only reason i’m keeping myself going is bc of my ambitions. and also i have #foreign parents so yk how that goes x ALSO i’m js getting sick of seeing ppl like why do i have to say hi to you? like i might sound mean but can i not hang out w anyone one day? am i allowed to sit alone or am i weird for that? i do have friends ... » Continue Reading

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basically don’t be a loser!

Category: Friends

hi guys! ik no one really reads these but… whoever finds this and needs to hear it… i hope it helps!  now, ik a lot of ppl who have drama at school with friends, random ppl or even ex friends. and unfortunately sometimes those people can be really mean to us! for no reason at all too… and most of the time i see people just take it which makes me feel terrible because like, you can totally stand up... » Continue Reading

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um hi

Category: Blogging

hii ! im new here so yeahhh pls be nice to me lolol. lets be friends? im down to talk to anyone sooooo just yk, send me a message if ur bored or lonely or wtv :)  ill try reply as soon as i can  thanks! and goodbye  » Continue Reading

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