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Why I Dont Believe In Triggers {this is my opinion}

Category: Blogging

This might have a trigger warning because i am going to mention the names of stuff that people could get triggered by, but in this blog im going to talk about why I dont believe in them, also I will respect you if you have ¨triggers¨ :) ---------- so I understand getting triggered by cutting/self harm, IF U HAVE DONE IT. same with EDs , suicide, and rape,  but anything else I do not agree should b... » Continue Reading

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My Dms Are Open x33

Category: Blogging

Anyone who wants to dm me, feel free i accept most friend requests from people that seem liek me :D but yeah i dont get triggered so feel free 2 dm me 2 vent or anything » Continue Reading

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Remember me always spell :3

Category: Life

if u havent been practicing witchcraft for awhile , I wouldnt try this. You will need - a calendar a pad of post-it notes a red marker pen a gold candle what you do- with the pen, mark on the calendar all the dates that are important to you, such as your birthday, the first-time you met your love, your anniversary and so on. when youve gone through all the months on the calendar, write each import... » Continue Reading

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Falling In Reverse !

Category: Music

-Falling In Reverse or FIR - whatever u call them, is a wonderful band and Im going to be telling you about them and my favorites(albums/songs) by them! -The Drug In Me Is You This is a great song, a great album in general! I would rate it 8/10, its not my favorite album but it does have some of my favorite songs by them!  My favorite songs off of the album -  The Drug In Me Is You Tragic Magic Go... » Continue Reading

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a guide ;p

Category: Blogging

So im guessing if you are reading this you want 2 look something like or like this just a guess :p anyways today we are going to learn how to do that -------------------------------------------------------- so the hair im bad at cutting hair, i have a side fringe and my hair is normally teased up and in my face, yknow normal scene stuff like this ! if you dont cut it yourself, and you go to a hair... » Continue Reading

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Teaching You How To Read/Talk In ¨Sc3n3¨ language (cuz y not)

Category: Blogging

Picture yourself in this scenario -  Its 2010 and you are just logging onto your Myspace, There are a bunch of your friends on there that all have names like Meghan Mayhem, Reya Rampage, Alice Angel etc,, You all talk in this very different way that not many people talk in and this is what we are going to talk about in this blog :)  - Please note that I am not saying all scene people talk like thi... » Continue Reading

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The Difference Between Scene Music And Scenecore Music

Category: Music

Hey there! We are going to go over the difference between Scene Music and Scenecore Music. I label myself Scene, And I loooove Scene Music! But Scenecore Music is good aswell! Scene music can be bands such as : The Medic Droid Breathe Carolina Millionaires Im sure you are getting the point. Scenecore bands/artists are such as: Punkinloveee h3artcrush and there are others but those can be said as t... » Continue Reading

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Gatekeeping isnt THAT bad - in my opinion.

Category: Blogging

Gatekeeping isnt THAT bad, and here is why I think that. So, gatekeeping music the reason why I think that it isnt as bad as many of people think, is because you have to understand where the people ¨gatekeeping¨ comes from. FOR EXAMPLE: the band Bring Me The Horizon, many people that ¨gatekeep¨ this band is because they were once bullied by the group of people who now use their song Can You Feel M... » Continue Reading

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Is there any Scene/Emos out here >_<

Category: Friends

HIII, I wanna meet some more scene/emo/goth kids or anyone thats alternative at all, feel free to say hi! » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

Hey guys! I just wanna say that Paramore is one of the best bands out there so here are a few reasons why I think that :p 1. They have a really good sound :)  Hayley has a wonderful voice and just the sound in general is so amazing honestly 2. The lyrics are so amazing! Their lyrics make me so happy inside, they just have really good lyrics :)) 3. They are just honestly really good people. I know ... » Continue Reading

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