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I made a VidLii channel!!

Category: Blogging

Do you remember those days when the design of YouTube was completely different? When instead of liking a video you rated it by stars? Well guess what... he's back!!! A page called "VidLii" recreates YouTube in the pure style of 2007/2008. Here is the link: https://www.vidlii.com/ I found it so incredible that I created my own channel! Already have videos! Here is the link to my channel: https://ww... » Continue Reading

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Happy Trollface day!

Category: Friends

Yeah, I know... It was yesterday, but I think there's no problem... right? Well, this is only for say happy Trollface (or Trollge...?) day!!! » Continue Reading

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Acting like [MORSHU]

Category: Games

"HOT s1ngle? w1ld PRIZES? [̷̡̊h̴͙͝ŷ̷̰p̴͇̿ë̶̟r̶̖͒l̵̢͗i̴̝͝n̴̺̄ķ̸̑ ̶̪̂r̴̰͛e̶̫̓m̴͇͐ö̶̗́v̴͎͛ẽ̷̺d̶͇̏]̴̮͒  you WANT it? it's YOURS [you little slime] as long as YOU HAVE enough KROMER. [This only was a test for if the blog entry works] » Continue Reading

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