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"Boobies fart fart peepee pooopooo hahaha XDXDXDXD"

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Help me i tried putting some intro on my profile and the winows 7 starting sound wont play in time what should i do to fix this shiz » Continue Reading

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Im boreddd -w-

Category: Friends

Anyone wanna be friendz??? » Continue Reading

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Drew on paper becuz i was bored ;w;

Category: Art and Photography

I haven't drawn in my zketchbook 4 a while so i decided 2 do it today >w < How doez it look??? XD » Continue Reading

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Art dump >w<

Category: Art and Photography

heres sum art i did the past few monthz! (i also posted dis on a forum hihi-) (yes i swap artstylez bcs IM INDECISIVE GRRRR-) » Continue Reading

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My OC sketch + sum small info >w<

Category: Art and Photography

idk if the pic iz visible im still new on this site- QvQ Anywayzzzz hiz name iz Mark and hez 17- He haz a very tragic backztory T-T but HEZ QUIRKY AND EDGY HIHI- Alzo he haz a lot of POWERZZZ >w < Hez totally not meh- ;-; » Continue Reading

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