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Got bored so I made an MLP OC with a base :P

Category: Art and Photography

Her names Spectra Lime! I'm still not sure how she became an alicorn cuz she sure as hell isn't a princess but idk I just think she looks prebby with wings and a horn XDD She also has Alexandria's Genesis, that's why her eyes are purplie :3c Also excuse my horrible handwriting XDD DA BASE I USED!!: https://www.deviantart.com/marceliana-2/art/mlp-base-19-alicorn-teen-831857397 » Continue Reading

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I redesigned meh sparklecat :3c

Category: Art and Photography

I 4got 2 fix some mistakes but whateves, hope u guys like him! Changed his name 2 :3c » Continue Reading

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I drew a scene Fluttershy :3

Category: Art and Photography

Meh bestie said that b4 her brother made fun of her 4 it she was OBSESSED with MLP and her fav was Fluttershy which inspired me 2 draw a scene Fluttershy O.o (Ya, she's based off of Fluttgirshy XDD) She wants some1 2 teach her how 2 scream like Se7en >_> » Continue Reading

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I drew a sparklecat :3c

Category: Art and Photography

He's a comfort OC so I was originally planning on just showing him to friends but I thought ppl here might like him XDD He's supposed to be a mix between 2000s meme culture and a scene boi :> Ignore my horrendous hand writing XDD I'm kind of shy to show him but, fucc it, yolo- '>w> His fur patterns also based off of Grumpy Cat 4 da lolz XDD » Continue Reading

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Scene Kid Survey

Category: Quiz/Survey

(I'm still a beginner scene kid so I prolly sound super poser with these questions, lolz =_= Anyways, hope u like it anyway! :D) How scene are you? (Beginner, experienced, veteran, or whateves) Do you want coontails/havecoontails? Speaking of hair… What about dying your hair half and half? Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, Pikachu, Domo-kun, or Nyan Cat? Favorite Invader Zim character? Do you wear kandi? ... » Continue Reading

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Which version of my persona should I make the official design?? ;0;

Category: Art and Photography

Sooo, I'm redesigning my persona and I doodled up two concepts (Yaaa, I know they look like shite, I was lazy drawin em- =3=) but idk which one to go with :/ Sooo, I'm asking u guys! Which version do u like more, purple hat and blonde coontails (1) or yellow hat and pink coontails (2)? :0 I asked on Discord too so I'm just gonna tally up the votes and post the winner on my DA uvu » Continue Reading

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The fastest review of Breathe Carolina's 4 most popular albums you've EVAH SEEN

Category: Music

1. It's Classy, Not Classic Sounds gr8 and I enjoy the lyrics (I REALLY like Show Me Yours), only issue is that the sound mixing is so blegh that most of the time I can't even hear the lyrics- XD 2. Hello Fascination This is most people's favorite albums, although for me this is just my second fav :3 It sounds amazing and the lyrics are top notch, the only reason why it gets second instead of firs... » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

It seems Hot Topic is finally listening and they're bringing back scene stuff! They have a new Gir hoodie that's even available on the website which I think is pretty cool- Fair warning though, it dosen't zip all the way down and its quite expensive but y'know if that's your thing then go check out the site 👌 They also have some kandi bracelets that say "scene queeen" which I think is pretty cool-... » Continue Reading

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Waow, first blog post

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Wowie, first blog post, that's cool- Well- I got one of those diamond scene queen necklaces and a Gir kandi cuff today so- That was coolio- 👍 » Continue Reading

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