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Scene Kid Survey

Category: Quiz/Survey

(I'm still a beginner scene kid so I prolly sound super poser with these questions, lolz =_= Anyways, hope u like it anyway! :D) How scene are you? (Beginner, experienced, veteran, or whateves) Do you want coontails/havecoontails? Speaking of hair… What about dying your hair half and half? Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, Pikachu, Domo-kun, or Nyan Cat? Favorite Invader Zim character? Do you wear kandi? ... » Continue Reading

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Does any1 have an InsaneJournal code?

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Wanna try the site out but it has this strange code rule :V » Continue Reading

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💎 The different subsets of scene 💎

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Dis has been a long time coming T.T As u guys know, a while ago I asked if u guys wanted 2 hear about all the different forms of the scene style, and u guys said u'd be interested! :0 Honestly, these r mostly arbitrary and I just label all of these different styles 4 fun, but, u guys said it'd be fun 2 so here we gOO- O.o XDD Some of these may be grasping @ straws and highly specific but idrc this... » Continue Reading

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Made a Little Big Planet OC O.o

Category: Art and Photography

SooOoOoOo O_o I made an LBS OC XDD Made her 4 an AU me and a friend r doing but I RLLY like her design so I thought I'd post it here! :D Based her more so off Little Big Planet 3 so I made her name a bit of a pun like the characters in it :3 Named her "Nina Trippz" cuz she's kinda clumsy and trips a lot XDD HER STUBBY LIL SACKGIRL LEGS CAN'T SUSTAIN HER XDD Q_Q She's also a total nerd, liek me Q_Q... » Continue Reading

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These "I H8 MEN!!1!" blogs >_>

Category: Life

Honestly I'm getting tired of them, two already got super popular and both broke the TOS of no hateful speech. PLZ just take that behavior 2 Twitter, Spacehey is where most ppl go 2 escape stupid mindsets like that :T » Continue Reading

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💎 How 2 tell a scene poser 💎 What is "scenecore"? 💎

Category: Life

Hallooo! If u follow my profile u know dis has been a LONG TIME comin XDD Finally I can lay out what I think of posers in a neat easy 2 understand blog uwu XDD Essentially, this blog will be a guide 4 what constitutes as being a poser (Or at least, poser behavior), what a poser really is, what this "scenecore" thing is, and other stoopid crap! :D I think it's best though 2 first start off with wha... » Continue Reading

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Who's that?

Category: Art and Photography

Hey, Cosmo, who's that in ur mirror? (Base used, credit in the Deviantart link :3) » Continue Reading

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💎 What ur favorite scene band says about u XD 💎

Category: Quiz/Survey

These are all mostly the vibes I personally get from ppl who like these bands, maybe they're not 100% accurate but shhhhhh XDD  --- 1. BrokeNCYDE Ur either a super hyper self-shipping sparkledog owning raving scene kid or incredibly quiet, wears a hoodie everywhere, and always responds 2 texts like "Kay." or "Cool." XD 2. Dot Dot Curve :) Ur constant mood is either "X3" or ":(((" no inbetween XD 3... » Continue Reading

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When u want a character in Imvu but ur broke as a joke so u just draw them XDD

Category: Art and Photography

Made a c r e a t u r e in the Imvu store and since I couldn't buy it (I'm broke as a joke in Imvu XDD) I decided 2 just screenshot and draw her! >:D She was just so bootiful O_O Uhh, yeah, I can't draw wolf snoots XDD I know, she looks like Brian from Family Guy XDD Might make her an OC, might not, who nose! Geddit, cuz her big ass nose XDD Yes, that is indeed a horribly drawn Metro Station shirt ... » Continue Reading

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LICC! (Art :3)

Category: Art and Photography

Mike gave u a licc! Will u give one back? O.o (The "A" in his hair is the "A" in the Breathe Carolina logo! He's a huge fan, like me XDD) » Continue Reading

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Made a sparkledog O.o

Category: Art and Photography

Wanted 2 practice animal anatomy and ended up making a sparkledog (cat?), his names Jinglez XDD » Continue Reading

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