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💎 Scene kid survey reboot 💎

Category: Quiz/Survey

SCENE KID SURVEY PART TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yaaa, the old one was outdated and posery as fucc so I made a new one, enjoy XD HOPEFULLY THE ONES WON'T POLLUTE THIS ONE 2 O_O (U get it if u've seen the last scene kid survey XDD) So lets... - - - - - - 1. How scene r u, idiot? (Beginner, Casual scene kid, was there in the 2000s, so into the subculture that u haven't gone outside in years pLEASE GO OUTSI... » Continue Reading

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💎 Scene-ish Outfits 💎

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

HENLLOOOOO =3= I has 2 stop being so fudgin random O.o BLAAARGH ANYWAYS so since Polyvore is e v a p o r a t e d I thought- I'd just dump all the outfits I make here XDD I say "Sceneish" since my styles not very stereotypical scene, it's more pop culture based, cuz... I loves me some pop culture XD But I also loves me some scene music and hair :0 This blog will NEVAH BE FINISHED >:3 Mainly cuz, it... » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

(I titled this specifically with YOU, Avery cuz I know ur HOTDOG HUSBAND HAVIN ASS met The Doctor and started adventuring with him in his tardis 4 three fucking years and then ur gonna come back and be like "Hey, I should check on UniCosmicCometCorn!" and then u'll see I'M GONE CUZ U WERE GONE SO LONG THE GOSHDAMN SUN EXPLODED- XD Jk, jk, I loaf u I loaf all of meh followers XD) (Bulletin title: C... » Continue Reading

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2000s Social Medias that DON'T have the TikTok/Twitter community that's taken over Spacehey?

Category: SpaceHey

In light of Azure's blog... I mean, I've always complained about the TikTok memes I keep seeing in my bulletins and in blogs, but I always assumed it was kinda just a "me" issue, like, there was something I wasn't fine-tuning or something :0 Azure's blog (Which should still be on popular blogs) was kinda the "eureka!" moment 4 me cuz I realized, holy shit, I'm not imagining this, TikTok and Twitte... » Continue Reading

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HABBY BIRFDAE 2 ME- Birthday animatic! :D

Category: Art and Photography

HAPPY BIRFDAE 2 ME >w < I meaaaan, my birthday was like 5 days ago but fuck it XDD Either way, I made an animatic 4 it! It's like my first animatic I've rlly tried on so it looks like absolute shite but it's a start! XD (Not 2 mention, as u can see, I barely tried on any of the frames XDD) There's a few references in it 2, 0:12 and 0:48 have references 2 friend's OCs so don't be 2 confused by them... » Continue Reading

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Some random furries I've made in Imvu :3

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

HENLOOOOOO OvO SOOO often when I'm bored, I'll just go into the ol' Imvu and make some random furries 4 shits n' giggles :3 Usually I lose the screenshots XD So I thought it'd be cool 2 just- Post whatever random furries I make on Imvu here XD Kind of like an archive of some sorts? :0 Idk XD ANYWHOOO without further introduction, here they r! I'll keep updating this with more fuzzies I make :3 Sle... » Continue Reading

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Random 2000s icon packs I found :V

Category: Art and Photography

Enjoy :3 Just download the images and crop the icon u want :V  (This ones kinda blurry, but isn't that the charm~? XD) I'll probably update this UBER random blog if I find more, ciao XD » Continue Reading

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My Anime Watchlist :3

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

HEN LO OO AG AIN !!! :D So, I've noticed that there's a lot of anime I've been wanting 2 watch XD So, 2 keep track of it, I'mma just make this blog of all the anime I plan on watching, so when I finish one I can move onto the next :P I also take recommendations! As long as it's... 1. From 1980s-2015 :3 2. NOT a harem or super fanservicey '^^ The color code 4 the list is... Black = Watching Green =... » Continue Reading

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💎 4 good scene music ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 💎

Category: Music

WELCOOOOOOMEZ Srry, dat was random, yet again! XD Sooo, on Spacehey I'm noticing a trend, specifically among kids who are in the scene :0 Y'know the ones XD They're prevalent here on Spacehey >w> ALTHOOOOUGH often they seem 2 get their music tastes from "scene TikTok"s that r just ENTIRE LISTS of bands with some aesthetic Gloomy Bear photos on them XD Which is all fine and good, I do the same some... » Continue Reading

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I made a rant comic u guys might like :3

Category: Art and Photography

Cringe is still ded :V XD But fr sometimes I think these "LOL XD RANDOM HUMOR CRINGE" guys r just jelly ._. » Continue Reading

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10/1/22: Twilight and Homecoming :3

Category: Life

Haaaai, my unicorns! ^o^ *YAAWN-* I just woke up XD Yes, @ 11 AM, shush XD I plan on going on a walk soon :0 (The weathers GR8, it's super windy and cloudy and I love me some windy and cloudy XD) BUUUT b4 I do, I wanted 2 make a blog post! :D My first one :0 Yeeeey XD I think what I'm going 2 do 4 blogs is break them up into sections, as in, I talk about two or three things in a blog and they're b... » Continue Reading

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