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that one fucking zoophilia rentry?? a deep dive :)

Category: SpaceHey

im talking about this rentry in this blog. read it, or dont. ill basically summarize it anyways. this rentry has good points, but falls flat with its overall message. im making a cohesive counter argument to this and actually explaining why zoophilia, even non-contact, is very very wrong because i dont like just saying "this thing is bad because... ermmm... i said so" they say "focus your hate on ... » Continue Reading

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in defense of proship

Category: SpaceHey

im honestly so tired of seeing this stuff lol so im going to refute a few common anti arguments also, "proship" refers to being anti-harassment for enjoying fiction, while "comship" refers to actually indulging in dark or "problematic" fiction. the pro in proship does not mean problematic, its pro as in for. you can be proship and not be comship. i might use them interchangeably on accident in thi... » Continue Reading

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