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Category: Writing and Poetry

Solace Grief is the bittersweet symphony of recollection, The laughter and tears woven into a tapestry of loss, a dance between what was and what can never be again. Tears become both solace and tribute, a testament to the depth of connection, a weight that tugs at the core of being, An ache that echoes through the empty spaces. A chair unoccupied, a voice now a memory, photographs a bittersweet t... » Continue Reading

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Blank canvas

Category: Writing and Poetry

In the depths of solitude, I confront a mirror, a reflection etched with self disgust and loathing. I see the jagged edges of my flaws and faults, A portrait of imperfection, a canvas of despair. I long to escape this prison of self contempt, To find a glimmer of self acceptance in this endless darkness. But the walls I've built are fortified with doubt, and the path to self forgiveness remains el... » Continue Reading

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Social Smoker

Category: Writing and Poetry

Social smoker  Between drags of my cigarette, I find my hands still shaking. You try to pry apart my fingers and slide your own between them, the needle pierces my skin in a way your love could not.  But it is nice to have you close,  you kiss my forehead an action so gentle that I can do nothing but fall apart in your hands. You hold me, and I think I would like this to be our secret.   » Continue Reading

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