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DEALENVY- Quick Connect Lawn Mower Deck Wash Port Hose Adapter/Attachment - Compatible with Part Numbers: TS350, 921 04041, 416405, GX22425 Many More (2, Hot Pink)

Category: Writing and Poetry

Imagine living beneath the waves with a strong-sighted blessing of most excellent fabric. Holding the fabric over your gills, you would begin to breathe-drink its warp and weft. Though the plantmatter fibers imbue your soul, the wretched plankton would pollute the cloth until it stank to heavens of prophecy. This is one manner in which the Scrolls first came to pass, but are we the sea, or the bre... » Continue Reading

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There is much debate among doctors whether the appendix as an organ has any useful function at all. Consider removing yours to save space in the abdominal cavity.

Category: Friends

One of the main differences between introverts and extroverts, is that extroverts get their energy from hanging out with other people, whereas introverts...aren't mentally ill. Now, if you're looking to get an introvert,you can either adopt a baby one, known as a "Shylet" Or rescue an adult from an introvert shelter. Generally referred to as a "Library". On arriving home, show your new introvert t... » Continue Reading

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In 2020, the number of fatal accidents involving alcohol was up 9% compared to 2019, even though drivers traveled 13% fewer miles overall.

Category: Romance and Relationships

By day, rokurokubi appear to be ordinary women. By night, however, their bodies sleep while their necks stretch to incredible lengths and roam around freely. Sometimes their heads attack small animals; sometimes they lick up lamp oil with their long tongues; and sometimes they just cause mischief by scaring nearby people.   Unlike most yōkai which are born as monsters, rokurokubi and their close r... » Continue Reading

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