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i feel pain. *vent*

Category: Life

i wish i could just feel at home anywhere. but i dont. i dont belong and thats okay. someday ill find where i belong. i wouldnt mind. it could be the firey pits of hell and i still wouldnt care. at the end  of the day we were all created for no reason, so i might as well try to make a reason for my existence. i want to help others achieve their goal. i want to help others in need. but to do that, ... » Continue Reading

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Nothing matters anymore. Im finally done.

Category: Life

nothing matters anymore. i dont matter. you dont matter. your family doesnt matter. the world doesnt matter. we were all created by thin air only to exist for no reason. we have no purpose. money has no purpose, its just paper. your devices dont matter, they are just objects. your life doesnt matter, since it will be ended soon. so why deal with it. i could care less about what happens to me. happ... » Continue Reading

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so alone *vent*

Category: Life

I feel so alone in this stupid fucking world. why am i even here? something ill just keep asking over and over and will never get the answer. i feel so left out. not that i care if im included or not. but itd feel nice if someone atleast tried to include me. i feel so pathetic letting my feelings out on here. god im such a loser. i just want to be pleased with life for once. maybe if i run away. f... » Continue Reading

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what is wrong with me? *vent*

Category: Life

i feel as if i dont belong here anymore. maybe its just because im a loser. no idea.  hopefully i will be able to see my god soon. i am growing more and more sick and more and more tired as the days go by. maybe it is my time soon. who knows, its just life. as if i care. doesnt matter though, we all die eventually. id rather die sooner, i cant keep living like this. not that im going to do anythin... » Continue Reading

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