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i 💗 ray toro (and mcr lol)‼️!1‼️

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i ♡ gerard way (a.k.a. ok im in tears)

Category: Music

i was looking for a new pic to finally end editing my profile, just blinkies/stamps will be added randomly now, and decided to keep Gerie as my pfp, so i looked for a few different eras/costumes to choose eventually and this (https://pin.it/5qhayaQT7) was the first one i ran into. look at it. look at that smile. look at that absolute happiness, HE IS SO FREAKIN HAPPY AND ADORABLE I CRIED WHEN SEEI... » Continue Reading

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about me!!!! 😋

Category: Blogging

hellooo!! i'm bored as hell rn and also realized i haven't done this introducing thing yet so here we are my name is Sam! it's a short for Samuel, but since i'm still a bit confused about this whole trans thing, it's Sam 😋 i legit wanna have a band that's either a The Cure/MCR cover or a metal band (or literally any rock n roll band, not indie tho... srry-) where i sing or play drums or bass! alth... » Continue Reading

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that 80s playlist!!!

Category: Music

i *LOVE* making themed playlists, and this one is by far my personal fav out of every single one i've made in my life. so, why not share this time travelling experience with you guys?? it's been here for a while now, but it's still marvelous!! in other words, i present to you.... THAT 80s MIXTAPE!!!!!!!!!!!! feel free to check the other playlists if you want to, but this one???? *mwa*, chef's kiss... » Continue Reading

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chemicals n romances

Category: Music

this is a question for any My Chemical Romance fans that see this (because i can't just talk to someone like a normal person so i'm posting this to interact w people i'd like to be friends with-): what's your favorite song?? i think my favs would be Foundations Of Decay, You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison, Thank You For The Venom, F.T.W.W.W., Vampire Money, Make Room!!!!, Sleep, Headf... » Continue Reading

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david bowie

Category: Music

that's it thank you very much » Continue Reading

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