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DNI (Read before adding)

Category: SpaceHey

Do NOT interact if you are any of these things. -Homophobic/Transphobic- -Racist- -Zoophile/pedophile- -Dream stan (DMSP liker is okay but don't be weird..)- -Rude people in general- -Sexist- -Andrew Tate stan- -Anyone who sexualizes serial killers- Thank you for reading and stay safe » Continue Reading

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What I Would Do If The World Was Ending. (A poem)

Category: Writing and Poetry

this is a poem I wrote for the people I love, based on the song When The World Caves In. if the world was ending, I would not weep My tears would mean nothing they're simply a sign of being free free from this world, we knew would end someday why waste time sitting to pray? It's doomsday, lads, and we haven't let it get to our head We won't until the night we leave,  our bodies disintegrating righ... » Continue Reading

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Safe space for people who feel sad

Category: Friends

Vent/rant when u need to and I'll always listen here and delete hate comments -> I want to make sure u feel safe 🌷 here's a flower for u Ily Remember that you are always worth it Comment rants down below whenever:3 » Continue Reading

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Why are you homophobic?(rant about the community)

Category: Religion and Philosophy

Forcing us to be straight I'm so sick of homophobes. They say, 'just be straight, it's not that difficult. ' like are you serious? That's just like if somebody was trying to force you to be gay. How would you like that? I don't hate straight people. It's the straight people that look down apon the LGBTQIA+ community just because of who they love. It's not our fault that we like the same sex. It's ... » Continue Reading

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Chuuya Nakahara cosplay

Category: Blogging

Its a WIP Sub to me (CRINGEY): https://www.youtube.com/@cosplaydate » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

Some pics of me!! Please dont hate on me, ik im ugly » Continue Reading

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How to put stamps on your profile using other peoples stamps

Category: SpaceHey

Step 1: go to somebody's profile (Or multiple people's) and double click on the stamps that you like, and click 'save ad's Step 2: go to imgbb.com and click 'Start uploading'. After that, insert the downloaded stamp Step 3: click the drop-down and click FULL LINKED Step 4: copy the link and paste it in the about me section of your profile! Step 5: repeat this process with all the other stamps you ... » Continue Reading

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How to Appear more Masculine

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

How to wear hats: Start by like putting your hair in a low bun And then like wear a beanie to cover the bun Or wear a baseball hat backwards, that looks cool too :) It might cover your hair a little bit And give you that masculine sort of feeling.. However leave some hair in the front of you wear a beanie or hat because yk you don't want to look bald lol Top clothing: I wear a baggy t-shirt to loo... » Continue Reading

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Things I Love About Her

Category: Blogging

1. Her eyes They shine so brightly in the sun and glint in the light.. They also light up so cutely when she's around me.. I love it so much.. It makes me so happy. It makes me want to hold her forever. 2. Her smile I love her smile so much, it's so perfect when she laughs and it shows her cute little vampire teeth. I like the way her mouth looks in the shape of a smile and her teeth are so adorab... » Continue Reading

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My honest opinion about SpaceHey. PLEASE READ!! (Tw: Murder, sh)

Category: SpaceHey

Why is SpaceHey so bad at moderating people? So much drama has been going on in the past few weeks and its messed up. Hell, we even had a girl that was SUPPORTING MURDERERS. It's fucked up. Lots of people reported it, but is it gone? No. Why not.?  Not only this but so many minors on this site are getting hurt because other people are causing drama and bullying them for who they are. Don't get me ... » Continue Reading

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