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[☆] record blog

Category: Music

the cure (4) myslovitz/artur rojek (4) the smiths (2) deftones (2) david bowie (1) slipknot (2) tyler (1) queen (2) mcr (2) dawid podsiadło (1) type o negative (1) vinyls i own  Myslovitz - Sun Machine Myslovitz - z rozmyślan przy śniadaniu The Cure - Disintegration Myslovitz - miłość w czasach popkultury Queen - A Day At The Races The Cure - Disintegration The Smiths - The Queen is Dead Dawid Pod... » Continue Reading

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[꩜] about me

Category: Blogging

SIMPLE INFO!! my name is mars:33 my mbti is infp  4w5 469 so4 IEI R |L |uxi ELVF IF (N ) FiNi i use he/him prns, im trans [ftm], mlm+t4t, aroace im 16, my birthday is on the 5th of july [summer:((] im from poland!!! i speak english, polish, and a bit of german+spanish!! my hobbies r: playing guitar [i have an acoustic], decorating my room, taking care of my plants, collecting stuff [especially vin... » Continue Reading

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how to get user ids if someone has a custom url/smth blocking the screen

Category: SpaceHey

this is a blog which could be helpful to those who want to block gore/nsfw accs, but they have smth blocking the screen so you cant access the buttons/have a custom url MOBILE if you click and hold someones name, you will get this shortcut menu that has different functions, like open in new tab, copy link, copy text link, etc. etc. if you click " Copy link address " or " Share link " you will imme... » Continue Reading

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my blinkies+stamps!!!

Category: SpaceHey

CW for spiders in stamps!! blinkies:33 stamps:33 silly!! robert smith (cw spider) minecraft bands/artists questionable foods of spacehey » Continue Reading

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block + rep links

Category: SpaceHey

im going to be updating this blog everytime a raid happens/gore accs pop up comments disabled due to the gore accs commenting on here » Continue Reading

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dni crit

Category: SpaceHey

- bald people - people named orion - gingers - the british » Continue Reading

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