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Cool blog site i found !

Category: Blogging

hello guys ! i havent made a blog entry in a while lol. but i found a website you guys should shoudl try out! its a pretty cool blogging site that u can completely customise, but doesnt have ma » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

am i the only person who feels bad for lolcows? like at all? most if not all of the time, lolcows are just mentally disabled people. thats it. and, as usual, neurotypicals just HAVE to milk it because its funny, which, most of the time, just aggrivates the lolcow even more, sometimes turning into a horrorcow (commiting crimes, deep lore etcetc),,,, dont get me wrong, ive even shared some chris cha... » Continue Reading

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tiktok is going to shit

Category: Life

alright. dont get me wrong. i use tiktok all the time, fuck its even where i met my friends but  oh my god its so bad like actually. i cannot scroll atleast 10 seconds without seeing a n30n4z1, racist, proshipper, or all of the above + DLCs. like holy shit dude!!! it was an app intended for music and now its being used to drive people to su1cide and to dumb down kids i swear to » Continue Reading

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