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Rambling about Roblox nostalgia

Category: Games

Has anyone played Roblox before, and if so, have you played it around 2010 or before that time period? It breaks my heart to see what it has become. I remember back in the day, the game wasn't so money centric, and there wasn't a massive influx of ERPers. I can remember the time the downwards spiral started, which was around 2011. I think it was when the new script update was released, and it brok... » Continue Reading

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Obscure Game Recommendation: Eastern Mind

Category: Games

Hey guys. I've been meaning to start this series up for a while, and I think I have some semblance of mental energy to finally do so. Anyways, this is a game that I've held dear to my heart for a while, and I wanted to brag about it. What is this game you may ask? Well, lets talk about Eastern Mind! Ill explain what the plot is, and the gameplay is about.  The Plot/Setting of Eastern Mind Eastern ... » Continue Reading

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The Old Internet, and why I like this site

Category: Blogging

Hey guys. Just spilling out my feelings real quick. I remember finding this site on an imageboard in the past, and before I cam here, I would regular imageboards aside from the usual big name online sites. I think web centralization is what started to kill my love for the internet, especially since apps like discord now want you to put in your phone number to verify that you exist. The fact that i... » Continue Reading

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