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★ dni

Category: SpaceHey

homophobic, transphobic racist make fun of other people's religious beliefs/just don't respect others proshippers.. toxic dsmp fans.. like normal dsmp fans are fine cause I'm friends with ppl that like dsmp but yeah -12 17+, unless we've already been friends for some time and I feel comfortable enough to talk with you . . . weird tcc fans (you know what I mean) » Continue Reading

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★ survey

Category: SpaceHey

name: fyodor.. hamburg  nickname: ham ig zodiac sign: aquarius  height: 5'0.. stfu don't ask what's your middle name?: rose shoes you wore today: my moms adida slides lmao  your weakness: ughh lynette » Continue Reading

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★ my poems

Category: Writing and Poetry

Me the knife addict, collecting them all day Wish I had more so I could play The sharp edges are fun, they quite hurt tho So be careful when showing on display  ☆ I'm so fucking angry, I could smash my head in Take the screw and dab it around You looked at me scared, so I decided not to continue Please dont throw me to the hound ☆ I fell and I rotted underground Standing tall is more profound If y... » Continue Reading

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★ basic dutch words

Category: Writing and Poetry

Hallo - Hello Goedemorgen - Good morning Dag - Bye ☆ Een - A Example. Een appel en een jongen (A apple and a boy) En - And ☆  Pronouns : Hij - He Zij - She Zij can also be 'They' Hen - Them ☆ Vrouw - Women Man - Man Jongen - Boy Meisje - Girl Kind - Child » Continue Reading

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★ proship hate

Category: Life

TW !!!!! MENTIONS OF SA So I've been seeing a ongoing of new accounts / current accounts being proshippers, and I've decided to make this blog because I wanna explain why proshipping is well.. WRONG! ^_^  Proshipping is when someone ships characters together in a problematic sense (ex. adult x child ) and fully supports people shipping such problematic things. Lots of proshippers say that they 'pr... » Continue Reading

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