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here's why you should listen to: endless, nameless by nirvana

Category: Music

THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO ENDLESS, NAMELESS BY NIRVANA!!!!!! it's on my top 3 for the album and probably top 2 its noise rock cmon noise rock is awesome KURT COBAIN LITERALLY BREAKS HIS GUITAR IN THE SONG it was recorded after an instrumental malfunction while recording lithium its soooo loud it was a hidden track on some releases of nevermind ( » Continue Reading

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should i read homestuck?????????

Category: Books and Stories

should i or is it 2 late .w. please help and quick or i will die and explode me exploding if i do not get an answer » Continue Reading

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do u ever juss t put rainbowz everywh3re liek a raveee ??

Category: Music

okai so i havz like led lights in mah room normally dere purplez but sometimez (liek rn) i havz dem set 2 rainbowzzz an i havz a overlay on mah screen datz rainbow and den i put rave musik in da background liek right nao i havz experience album by da prodigy and it feelz liek im in a rave X3 do over pplz do dat to???? .w. » Continue Reading

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heres why you should listen to aphex twin!!

Category: Music

i um i i really like it umm it richard d james hes so cool umm » Continue Reading

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