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FAQ about my blog/blog posts

Category: Blogging

(Putting this in my blog because I get this question a lot in my msgs) “What is ur opinion on transgenderism?” - I don’t have any hate or fear nor am I prejudice towards anyone in the trans community. But I don’t like how people are pushing this idealogy on kids and children and trying to convince them they are in the wrong body, this is called grooming which I’m strongly against. I do believe peo... » Continue Reading

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Stop forcing it.

Category: Friends

So Christians shouldn’t force the Bible on you, but you force everyone to respect  your pronouns and call us homophobic and transphobic if we don’t, you literally force people to obey u and yet Christian’s r the ones to blame?  (Comments off due to relentless spammers) » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

˚  ༘ ♡ ·˚ ꒰ ᥕᥱᥣᥴ ᥆ ꧑ ᥱ  t ᥆   ꧑ ᥡ  b ᥣ ᥆ g ꒱  ₊˚ˑ ༄ ┌── ❀ *̥˚ ─── ❀ *̥˚ ─┐ DNI Russiaphobes People who get offended by everything People that try to erase biology People that feel oppressed for other races People that use they/them it/it’s pronouns Neo pronoun users Pedophiles People that sexualize age regressors People that think it’s ok to do trans surgeries on kids Zoophiles Non human (people) ... » Continue Reading

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I love u Uni <3

Category: Pets and Animals

I love Uni hes such a cute raccoon, hes so cute when he eats  (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡ Uni eating Almonds » Continue Reading

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My blog isn’t bait.

Category: Blogging

Many people seem to be confused about my blog and blog entries. My blog is not bait, I’m just not afraid of speaking my bit about different societal issues in the West.  I’ve noticed that these same societal issues and events only happen in the West, when I tell my South East Asian friends this happens they’re suprised or even my middle eastern friends they’re also suprised because this stuff is n... » Continue Reading

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My #1 life goal

Category: Blogging

To bottle feed baby animals  » Continue Reading

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Quote #2

Category: Blogging

“Don't let anyone gaslight you into believing being against the sexualization and mutilation of children is somehow "anti-LGBTQ." That is a lie, and they use it for one reason only: to get you to shut up. We're here to tell you not to.” -gaysagainstgroomers » Continue Reading

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Quote #1

Category: Blogging

“We need to make it very clear to straight people, teachers and parents especially, that pushing gender ideology and drag on kids is not okay. You think you're being inclusive. We're here to tell you you're not. You are hurting children and you are hurting us. Please stop.” - gaysagainstgroomers  » Continue Reading

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My presence on spacehey

Category: Blogging

Me: post the most outspoken, eloquent and based blog content. Wokeist cult: “stop being a transphobe and a bitch”  Me: not even transphobic but ok 🫡🤣 » Continue Reading

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Why are u so suprised?

Category: Life

People nowadays r so suprised when people r beginning to get less tolerant of the lgbtq+ community. But at the same time can u blame people? I mean all u see in the news and on social media is drag queens performing sexual dances in front of children, and these woke teachers trying to teach kids about gender ideology, the grooming is there. People didn’t have a problem with drag queens and the com... » Continue Reading

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Jeffery Marsh + Wokeism

Category: News and Politics

(I didn’t know how to categorize this, so I put it under news and politics) To start off: my thoughts on Jeffery Marsh is that he’s really giving pedophile, I understand that he’s trying to make kid friendly content, and theirs nothing wrong with that. But he’s asking kids parents to leave the room when he’s talking to them, u should never leave ur child alone with a stranger, any sane parent woul... » Continue Reading

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“I am a real kitty” new story I wrote

Category: Books and Stories

SCENE 1 NIGHT TIME AT THE GARBAGE CANS A lone black cat (Saki) is seen sitting near a garbage can during night time. She is seen there resting quietly. She rested the whole night without any interruptions. SCENE 2 DAY TIME AT THE GARBAGE CANS Saki suddenly turns into a half cat and half human form. She is used to this by now sometimes she transforms without noticing or even in her sleep such as th... » Continue Reading

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