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"Help why do I like the silly goofy card-throwing guy from HxH"

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Cute Picrews I Found

Category: Art and Photography

Scene/Emo Kid Maker Scene/Emo Kid Maker THE SECOND コアゲーマーメーカー2 (Cool Game Maker 2) (None of these Picrews are mine I just found them on da interwebz :3) (edit: omg I forgot the div tags xD) » Continue Reading

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Scene Kid Survey (stolen from ☆ UniCosmicCometCorn ☆) >:3c

Category: Quiz/Survey

How scene are you? (Beginner, experienced, veteran, or whateves) Beginner, I just discovered scene music/fashion/stuffs earlier this year of 2022 :D 2. Do you want coontails/have coontails? Hell yeah! I'm planning on growing out my hair first tho 3. Speaking of hair… What about dying your hair half and half? It'd be interesting but I'm not sure what colors/styles I'd use lol 4. Hello Kitty, Gloomy... » Continue Reading

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