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Bandz that I like :333

Category: Music

Hideki saijo, LUCIFER LUSCIOUS VIOLENOUE (Im a huge fan of hers lolz) Pikarin, malice mizer, dir en grey, gulugulu, kaneto juusei, dadaroma, the gazette, zombie, existtrace, lynch, deviloof, mejibray, dimlim, bucktick, xjapan, hide, l'arc-en-ciel, ACME, the madna, D'espairsray, Intial L, Dezert, jiluka, versailles, the gallo, seotaiji, Nazare, Kiryu, arlequin, due le quartz, sukekiyo, Sadie, sick2... » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

I'M SO SAD GULUGULU IS DISBANDINGGGG I LOVE GULUGULU!!!! i really hope it's because of personal reasons and not cause of the drama between him and Chill TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT They r rlly cool u should totally listen to them :3 My favs r Henna Merry Go round nnnnnnnn oyasumi lolz :3 Ok before you say anything ik that they r like their most popular songs... but  THEY ARE GREAT OK?????????????... » Continue Reading

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Broker film

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I went to the cinema today which was pretty cool...I watched the movie Broker... Has anybody seen it? It's a korean movie. Might've come out this year? or last year? It was okay... but im not really a fan of sentimental movies....I feel like quite a lot of them are pretentious....... I dont know how to explain but they all have this peace and love kinda message... it's just gross. i can't put it i... » Continue Reading

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