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29 | Hamden, CT, USA | Transmasc | He/Him | Asexual | Panromantic

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Dressing femme

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Yo, folks! So, there's been something on my mind for a while. It bothers me constantly but I often wonder if there's really anything I can actually do about it... So. I am trans, as I've said and made clear a million times. A trans man, though I prefer the term transmasculine. Maybe for now; the journey of self-discovery is a wonderful thing. Anyway, despite this, I still outwardly dress quite fem... » Continue Reading

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I made a video site

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

—but it isn't completely done, yet! It's for my future YouTube videos and their transcripts— specifically that, actually. Despite it not being done, if you click the picture below, you'll be taken to the official domain and rather swanky-looking "placeholder" site. Yeah, so. It's not much at all right now, of course, but it's nice to look at. Nice to see all my graphics are coming in handy. 😀 So, ... » Continue Reading

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About Me

Category: Blogging

Yo, folks! I guess this is a sort of "before you follow/send requests" entry. I sort of touched on these things in two of my previous entries but I thought I'd go into greater detail here. 🙂 Before you follow, be aware... (a.k.a. Beliefs) ...that I am a proshipper ...that I believe in the separation of fiction and reality ...that I have somewhat unusual opinions, such as that 16 isn't too young to... » Continue Reading

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Where are the alt adults on SpaceHey??

Category: SpaceHey

Yo, folks! I really like searching and browsing profiles on SH. Even more, I like looking at blogs. But I find that most of the more interesting blogs are from...younglings. ._. I'm almost 30, y'know? I imagine I'm one of the older members here. 😀 I'd like to take a moment to say I'm part of the alt scene. I look like a goth despite being a metalhead. 😁 I consider myself a member of the "darkly-in... » Continue Reading

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What I plan to do (for my blogs)

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Yesterday, I went to Downtown, New Haven. There's this place called Noodle Shack that is an extension of York Street Noodle House on...well, York Street. 😏 The tofu coconut curry soup was absolutely delicious!! Anyways. I thought I'd talk about what I plan on doing on my blogs...and YouTube , while I'm at it. YouTube YouTube is going to be an extension of Twitch , once I get around to streaming. O... » Continue Reading

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One Hollows' Eve is here!

Category: Blogging

Yo, peoples of SpaceHey! It's incredible to be here. 😁 Yeah, I was around during MySpace's good ol' heyday, so I remember so much stuff. While I'm glad to be here, it's sad to see a lack of activity. Maybe it's just me? 🤔 Lots of people are still signing up so there's hope! In any case, what's this entry about, eh? It's just to let the good peoples here know what's what when it comes to old Elian ... » Continue Reading

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