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Project Zomboid

Category: Games

i have GOT to give this game a shoutout. it's a zombie survival game with an emphasis on realism and tough-as-bones gameplay, and it's been in development for maybe ten years now? i don't know why, but it's had a pretty big resurgence. it's a lot of fun, and development is going strong - the complete graphical overhaul (known as Build 41) is close to exiting beta, and the next thing on the to-do l... » Continue Reading

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The Wonders of a "Rig"

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I'm a student, and for a year now I've been doing 100 percent virtual school. Not 100% "virtual school", but "100% virtual" school. This week, I've done something that's genuinely given big boosts to my productivity: set my old desktop back up. Previously, I've just been using my laptop. It makes sense - it's newer than my desktop by a few years, has a built-in webcam, and can be taken with me if ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Man, what the fuck? Bad vibes all around with this movie. Seems like it's great but I'm too emotionally immature to understand it. Frogs were cool. » Continue Reading

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Southland Tales

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

After months of waiting, my Blu-ray Special Edition of Richard Kelly's 2008 cult classic / box office bomb Southland Tales has arrived. Really looking forward to rewatching this movie proper - Kelly's cinematography does not mesh well with a good bit-rate. Considering how many people on here (me included) like his other movie, Donnie Darko, I'm surprised I haven't seen any hype for it. I'm a littl... » Continue Reading

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Battle Royale

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I just watched the 2000 Japanese action movie Battle Royale , and hoo mama - this is a movie. I tend to shy away from stuff that pushes 2 hours, but by god did this movie use every minute of it. The most interesting thing, to me, is the structure - even for something 2 hours long, they needed to flesh out - and kill off - roundabout 40 characters. And sure, a lot of them do die pretty cheap deaths... » Continue Reading

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Sundance 2020

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I am re- e - e - e ally excited for sundance :p I went to a drive-in to watch Hackers on Sunday, and it has done nothing more than remind me how much i enjoy watching movies *with* people. obviously my number one hype is Prisoners of the Ghostland (nic cage + sion sono = ^_^)  but theres some other stuff like CryptoZoo that im really excited for as well. signing up and buying tix may have been a m... » Continue Reading

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A New Beginning

Category: SpaceHey

the year: 2021 the location: space america as we know it is a football. zaubers have infiltrated congress. one quinn dares to make an account on a website meant to imitate a website from 15 years ago that died because another website didnt let you autoplay music on your profile. welcome... to... zombocom » Continue Reading

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