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[S] Karkat: Be A Fanboy movies ranking

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

She's the Man (2006) The Rebound (2009) to watch : She's the Man ,  The Rebound , Hitch , Miss Congeniality , The Wedding Singer , Groundhog Day , The Princess Bride , Love Actua » Continue Reading

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Maja's Unicode Friendly Homestuck Shipping Notation

Category: Books and Stories

(1) Notation : A- ♥️ -B , A- ♦️ -B , A-♠️-B , A-♣️C♣️-B (2) Adv. Notation : A- ♥️ ♠️-B - Vacillating  A ♥️ →← ♦️ B - Asymmetrical  A-♠️-B←♣️C - Desired Ashen Relationship Due to the lack of appropirate characters c » Continue Reading

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Leipzig-Jakarta list for Unnamed Conlang [WIP]

Category: Writing and Poetry

it's like the Swadesh List but better Fire - kwà'vàı - Thing that burns something Nose - tsa'm'vàı - Thing that smells something To Go - mún - S moves from/to O (determined with a particle) Water - mı - base noun Mouth - aın - base noun Tongue - hà'nw - base noun Blood - twtáı'n - Thing that is bled out (? how do i describe this) Bone - 'vwu - base noun 2ps - cumw - base n » Continue Reading

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Unnamed Conlang Dictionary

Category: Writing and Poetry

I will update this if i add more stuff ==VERBS== lıum - S is O ʻlwa - S owns O ʻmùn - S likes O gwı - S hates O stwaʻn - S loves O ʻfó - S creates O ʻlwıuʻm - S destroys O hwáı - S lives |loc| O dùnw - S kills  (the following ones are mostly going to be weird since they were formed as adjectives) nıum - S makes O male maʻm - S makes O young fswaʻn - S lives in O ùʻn - S gives birth to O paìn - S m... » Continue Reading

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Homestuck in my conlang (repost cuz bulletins aren't 4ever)

Category: Writing and Poetry

ORIGINAL Lıumanw càugwaı nıumwòı ma'mmwòı ımkì fswa'nmwòı 'faıg'màun 'lau. Lıumkí càuhpwúku ım13a 'faı4a kón , 2009 'vwıu lıumkí càuku ımhpwú ù'nmwòı 'faıg'màun. Ù'nanw ımg'màun 13 bwo paìnmwòı háu 'lwaanw » Continue Reading

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Mikaela Makes A New Language

Category: Writing and Poetry

as always i have no idea what tag to use here but oh well .  Recently I've started working on a new Proto Language conlang cuz I think it would be cool to evolve it into families later . I don't really have much done right now but ill share what I do .  --Phonetics-- consonants : / p , pʷ , b , bʷ , t , tʷ , d , dʷ , q , ɢ , qʷ , ɢʷ , m ,  mʷ , ɱ , n ‚ nʷ ,  » Continue Reading

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Polish Cyryllic

Category: Blogging

so i have no idea what category to put this into but basically I'm really into linguistics and languages and shit right and im from poland so yeah Theres a polish version of cyryllic posted like every day on the internet but this ones mine its basically a mix of ukrainian and serbian xdd » Continue Reading

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Working Backwards 2023

Category: Games

i didnt rlly know how to tag this but basically: A discord server im in organizes a yearly event called working backwards, It s about making a conlang (constructed language) with some words and a sentence given, thats why its called working backwards lol This was my first time trying it and i didnt really take it seriously but if anyone wants to see my stuff here it is » Continue Reading

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