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Las Penasquitos Grave

Category: Travel and Places

It must be nice to be buried in such a beautiful place. This was from our last hike to Las Penasquitos Preserve. » Continue Reading

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Lol yup im stupid

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I've never truly understood how to upload pics and do all the cool tricks on MySpace (and now Spacehey) using ccs and html. I am hoping to finally teach myself how to do it all and give myself something to do since I don't have much going on in my life.  I have a Facebook account now just for the purpose of it being a convenient and free way to store photos and (hopefully) upload photos here.  As ... » Continue Reading

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Isolation and loneliness amplified

Category: Life

Being an introvert and dealing with clinical depression and anxiety, it was already hard enough dealing with feeling isolated and friendless. You would think being quarantined would be no big deal, then, but if anything it has been setting me off more than a usual day before 2020. When all this is over, I will be working hard to get over my insecurities and get out of my shell. It would be nice to... » Continue Reading

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Category: SpaceHey

When everyone I knew moved to Facebook from MySpace in 2009, I was so reluctant. I hated everything about that site and, in 2021, I hate it more. It was like a hospital room. White, bright, and devoid of great news.  Spacehey is everything I have missed in over a decade. May it push others to leave Facebook.  » Continue Reading

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