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I haven't logged on in 3 months(wow!)

Category: SpaceHey

I was going through my emo phase in September so I wanted to make a Spacehey and then I forgot about it! Changed up my profile a bit including my layout.  » Continue Reading

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Category: School, College, University

I have to be completely honest, I have no idea how to study :') what are the best/ most efficient ways to study for tests and all that crap that "determines my smartness?" I've gotten off fine in school without studying and I have perfect grades, but I feel like I would feel more fulfilled and deserving of my good grades if i studied ;D » Continue Reading

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emo hair

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Okay, so I'm just now starting out with the emo aesthetic. I want to change up my hair to be more fitting, but I'm a middle school girl and I already get enough crap for basically everything, so I want to be subtle about it. I love scenemo bangs and racoon tail extensions and cool crap like that but I'm genuinely not confident enough to cut my hair like that or wear fun extensions. I am writing, a... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I take a world languages and cultures class in which we are learning Japanese and the people in that class are very "weebish." Like in a very racist, incely(?) way if you know what I mean. I am not Japanese or Asian in general but as a POC it really bothers me how ignorant people are when it comes to the Japanese culture. PLUS the sexualization of Asian women.  In 5th period, we were reading a pri... » Continue Reading

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