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working on a "book"

Category: Books and Stories

I've been getting more into writing and I've started writing this book, it doesn't have a title yet and I need help with like everything lol, so if you have any constructive criticism, that would be great! Prologue My name is Anya, and I'm a very boring person, and I always have been.I remember having no friends in all of primary school, I always sat alone at lunch and read. It was quite sad, but ... » Continue Reading

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yoyoyo help me choose

Category: Blogging

so im thinking of changing my background to different colors every week (like black and red, purple and white, etc.), whats a color combo should i do for this week?(also thinking of doing it to match my hair, but not till summer lol) » Continue Reading

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help me

Category: Blogging

this is gonna prob make me sound rlly dumb, but how tf do u upload photos to ur blog?!? ive been trying to figure it out for the past 30 mins so i could upload my art😔 » Continue Reading

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