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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

the haunt couture clawdeen doll is out for pre-order guyssss. i am still waiting for draculaura but clawdeen looks absolutely mesmerizing » Continue Reading

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Sandwiches and disgust

Category: Food and Restaurants

Okay y'all.. so like i LOVE subway and their sandwiches but my local subway is so digusting like i once had a hair in my food, i wanted to vomit all over my fucking table lmaooo... idk i just wanted to share that xP » Continue Reading

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bimbos <3

Category: Blogging

Like the big boobs, high heels, mini skirts and make-up. i want to be like them and date them. doesn't matter they're so so hawt  (´ ω `♡) » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

OMG, i just listened to slayyyter's new single honest ( i know it released a few weeks ago I'm such a fake fan :p) and it is just so good, since it's a collab with peking duck i'm not confused that the style is a little different but like at the same time really matches her???? like i'm just so obsessed with her ughhh...  » Continue Reading

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I may be going to a concert again

Category: Life

I never felt this happy in a long fucking time. I am so glad that i'll probably go to a concert again :(((( i really missed that feeling a LOT. » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I have this super bad habit of lying and it only developed like in the past 2 years or so… i really want to get rid of it but how ??? Like am I the bad guy lmaooo ? » Continue Reading

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School is so annoying

Category: Life

I have been so annoyed with my school life in the past few years… like how do you make this shit enjoyable… im glad that I’ll graduate soon but still, wtf is this?=“gzww » Continue Reading

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Stardew Valley or Terraria <3

Category: Games

I was just thinking which of these games is better. I do like terraria but i enjoy chill games like stardew valley more… wbu? » Continue Reading

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