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"Death's Cold Welcome" (5/2/20)

Category: Writing and Poetry

They tell me I'm worthless I tell them, "I know." They tell me to just die So I say, "Don't worry, I'll go." Every day I wake up Wishing I had not Outside I fake I'm ok Inside my emotions die and rot Faking a smile is easy To convince others you're fine Throwing on a smile and a laugh Even when it's all just a lie Knowing full well blades are all you have Red lines on your arm the only proof you c... » Continue Reading

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"CUTS" (6/16/18)

Category: Writing and Poetry

One slice, two slice, three slice, four. Look at all the pretty red on the floor. A simple cut here, a little nick there. The pain of isolation is too great to bear. The voice in my head rings out loud and deep: Just one more cut, then you'll fall asleep My friends quickly left me, at the first sign that i was hurting I was soon all alone, but no one was caring And i withdrew into my shell, leavin... » Continue Reading

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